About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my bookish hideout, a place where each book lover can find a book one would like to read. I’m Alina, a visually impaired girl from Romania, who became fascinated by Greek Myths, Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales and various Romanian poems since early childhood. As time went by, my passion for literature began to grow and it followed me throughout school, university and beyond like an imaginary friend who made me live a thousand lives in one only by opening a book and rejoicing at the experience it offered. Maybe some of you know me from eLitere.ro, my friend Elena’s website, where I have written various types of articles for three years; but now I have a cosy place of my own on the Internet that reflects my personality, creativity and of course my opinions on the books I read, whether they are old or new.

On this blog you will find English and Romanian book reviews for classics, thriller, romance, historical fiction, children’s literature, nonfiction etc., but there will also be books belonging to genres I don’t like as much as the ones mentioned above; those genres are horror, science fiction, western, short stories, biographies and memoirs. How do I choose the next book I’m going to read? Most of all it depends on the mood I’m in. If you like book tags, I’m going to post my answers for some of them that appeal to my reading tastes and once in a while, I’m planning to interview authors I like or other book bloggers about their writing process or their favourite books.

If you want to connect with me or recommend a book, you can find the social media buttons below, or send me a message directly on this blog. Enjoy your bookish journey and Happy Reading!

How do I rate the books I read?


A 5-star-read:

  • It’s a book without major issues, it has memorable characters or plotline, impeccable writing or it’s close to perfection.
  • It’s one of my favourite books of all time
  • I highly recommend it because it is amazing.

A 4.5-star-read:

  • It’s still a favourite book, but it may contain an idea, mentality or scene I don’t agree with or I didn’t like.
  • I still highly recommend it.

A 4-star-read:

  • It’s a book I highly enjoyed.
  • It has a well-built plot, complex characters, realistic dialogues, but it also has a few
  • Generally, the writing is very good, but there are some grammar mistakes or typos.
  • I still highly recommend it.

A 3.5-star-read:

  • It’s usually somewhere between a 3 and a 4-star-rating.
  • In most cases, the plot is pretty slow or even boring in the first half of the book and very dynamic in the second half.
  • I still recommend it.

A 3-star-read:

  • It’s usually a good book with a basic or pretty predictable plotline, the characters are developed, but usually, they are not very complex, the writing may be generally good, but there are also grammar errors or issues with the book format.
  • The protagonists don’t stand out a lot and it’s pretty hard to connect with them.
  • Easy reads fall into this category because they are not very complex, thus they don’t require a lot of thinking on the reader’s part.
  • Books with complex plots can also receive a 3-star-rating if the writing style is hard to follow, the story is hard to get into or the plot is very confusing.
  • I might recommend the book or leave it to the reader.

A 2.5-star-read

  • It’s an okay book, but I don’t particularly recommend it.

A 2-star-read:

  • The plot is pretty inconsistent or disjointed, it goes downhill and it never goes back up or it takes strange turns that don’t make a lot of sense.
  • The protagonist may be weak, unrealistic, annoying or okay-ish but she/he doesn’t stand out very much or doesn’t take too much action.
  • The other characters are somewhat developed, but it’s very hard to root for them.
  • The book may contain bad grammar, repetitive ideas, a writing style that doesn’t appeal to the reader
  • You may also find a few good aspects in a 2-star-read, but the bad tends to overshadow the good.
  • I don’t recommend this book.

A 1-star-read:

  • A 1-star-read will not have the privilege of a review because they are not worth reading.
  • It is so bad or confusing that I prefer to DNF it.


Note; Not all DNF-ed books are 1-star-reads, some just contain plots, topics or characters I’m not interested in or they don’t appeal to me! However, if I DNF a book sent or review, I contact the author and tell her/him about my decision.

All the books I review and rate from 2 to 5 stars will appear on my blog, the social platforms and Amazon, if it’s the case!

I post book reviews and other book-related articles twice a week, on every Wednesday and Saturday.