Poll: Which of these series do you recommend?

Not long ago, I’ve posted a poll in which I asked my Romanian readers to vote for the next book I should read in the near future and I’ve noticed that the poll reached and engaged more people than any of my other posts. This really made me think a bit, so today I’m posting another poll with a different topic.

Now, I’m not very interested in reading the majority of popular series out there because I have a ton of books I want to pick up in my lifetime. Also, if a stand-alone or series is loved by a lot of people, chances are I won’t like it or I might find it meh. It happened many times before with some of the Indies and classics, so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to find myself in a small minority of disappointed readers. I think that in most of the cases the story or the characters don’t click with me or it’s maybe the fact that I usually have high expectations of a book that everyone praises Moreover, I have a complicated relationship with YA books because I’m at an age when some aspects of a teenager’s life don’t impress me anymore.

Anyway, let’s return to the poll. So, I’ve picked up four popular series I’m interested in checking out and two modern classic series because I think that Harry Potter is pretty much a classic by now –  everyone has read it in their childhood, except for me…

[ Conclusion ]:

So, if you want to help me decide which of the following series are worth my time, please don’t hesitate to vote your favourite books below and leave a comment with your thoughts on any of these series. In the case of clashing opinions, please be kind and respectful towards other readers! This poll allows you to chose multiple answers and it doesn’t have an expiration date, so you can vote anytime.

Which of these series do you recommend?

Which of these series do you recommend?

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  1. Elena says:

    Hello, love! I voted for “Harry Potter”. If you don’t enjoy the first book, you can stop reading the series and nothing will be lost. About “And I Darken”… it was ok, but I don’t know if you are going to enjoy it.

    1. Hi sweetheart, thank you for the vote and for your thought on “And I Darken”! I know that you felt a bit meh about the first instalment, but I would like to give it a try just because I’m very curious to see how the story is executed, plus the plot sounds interesting. If I get to it in the near future, I will let you (and my other readers) know how I felt about it. Love your face! :*

      1. Elena says:

        When you want to read “And I Darken”, let me know and I’ll give you my copy, as promised.

        1. Thank you, love! I truly appreciate it. :*

  2. Interesting idea! Out of all the suggestions, I have only read the first 2 (HP and LOTR). While I loved both and think both are classics worth reading, I chose to recommend ‘Harry Potter’. I read the series in German years ago when the books first came out, then re-read them many times in English throughout the years. I still enjoy them, somewhat as a comfort read that is undemanding but well written and highly entertaining.

    1. Hi Devika and thank you for dropping by! I would like to read both series because they are modern classics, but I also feel a bit overwhelmed by their length and their fan base. Which of the two editions of HP did you enjoy the most? The first Romanian edition was translated really weirdly and that’s why it didn’t appeal to me as a child.

      1. I think reading it in English is a great idea because that’s the language it was written in, and some of the world plays are awesome. But I have to say the German translations were imaginative and accurate too, so maybe the new Romanian edition will be too.

        1. That’s a great answer. I think that I will read a few pages in Romanian to see if the new translation sounds right and if the story clicks with me. 🙂 It sounds great in English. I listened to it for a few minutes. 🙂

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