Review: Panacea by Mike Wells


Book 11 of Lust, Monet & Murder

  • Title: Panacea
  • Author: Mike Wells
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Espionage
  • Year of Publication: 2017
  • Self-Published
  • Series: Lust, Money & Murder
  • Rating: 4/5 stars


“I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

Warning: Lust Money & Murder is a book series where every book is the sequel to the previous one. If you haven’t read the series and you are interested in doing so, please return to my review after finishing it, because this article contains spoilers from the previous book!

After Elaine and Dimitry staged the scene in Ekkara to gain Spyro Leandrou’s trust, the Greek criminal sends the secret agent to a hospital in Donetsk, (where Leandrou has connections) to smuggle stem cells for his medical clinic and wellness centre. Elaine and Luna already know about this clinic; therefore, this is the chance Elaine was waiting for to gather more information and evidence of Spyro’s illegal businesses. Besides the fact that stem cells are illegal in some countries, Elaine has her doubts about the content of the heavy container, which has also a passcode the secret agent needs to crack.Are those really stem cells inside the container or is Elaine right?

“On the one hand, Panacea guaranteed complete secrecy and client anonymity, but on the other hand, they had to find out as much as they could about you to avoid being infiltrated or taken to court over whatever laws they were breaking.” (Loc 804)

Meanwhile, in Georgia (U.S.), Luna struggles to track down the man who was presumably involved in Patrick Brogan’s death. However, she finds more evidence and surprising pieces of information than she has expected, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers. All I can say is that I love Luna’s badass attitude and her intelligence, which helps her gather the evidence she needs for Patrick’s case.

Though I enjoyed Elaine’s mission (filled with suspenseful moments), Dimitry’s back-story and the jaw-dropping scene in which Elaine highjacks Spyro Leandrou’s plane; I need to take a break from this series because my enthusiasm has begun to decrease. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed most of the sequels and I rooted for Elaine, Nick, Luna and Dimitry, but I don’t feel as invested in the story as I used to be. Whether I change my mind or I quit, I’m glad that Lust, Money & Murder opened the door to a genre I wasn’t accustomed to reading. It’s almost surreal to me that I read eleven books of a series I’ve picked up on a whim. Yes, the series has its flaws, but it’s a real page-turner due to the compelling story, intelligent characters and the suspense that makes the hairs on the back of your neck prickle.

[ Conclusion ]:

To wrap it up, those were my thoughts on Panacea. I’m going to read other books written by Mike Wells in the future, but until then, who knows which title will catch my interest?

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