Review: The Makers by Natalie Wright

Book 2 of H.A.L.F.


  • Title: The Makers
  • Author: Natalie Wright
  • Genre: Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
  • Year of Publication: 2016
  • Published by Boadicea Press
  • Series: H.A.L.F.
  • Rating: 5/5 stars

[ Warning ]:

H.A.L.F. is a book series where every book is the sequel to the previous one. If you haven’t read the first book and you are interested in doing so, please return to my review after finishing it because this article contains spoilers from the first book. I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review. Thank you, Natalie Wright, for sending me this book!

Erika, Tex, Ian and Dr Randall are taken by the greys to a strange dark planet called Tro which is basically an immense lab used for experiments or to impregnate the Regina, their leader, with a new genetic material in order to create hybrids. The three teens have to endure painful examinations and experiments because the aliens intend to spread a dangerous virus to wipe out the human race.

Besides the oddity of their planet and their advanced technology, the greys which call themselves the Coonexus, have the ability to control minds. The humans are not capable of telepathic communication, but Tex is the perfect victim for the Regina, who tries to lure him into becoming one with the Connexus. It’s very tempting for Tex to seek answers to overwhelming questions he wanted to ask the aliens, but a part of his mind doesn’t want to connect to the Regina and to let go of the memories he shared with Dr Randall and his human friends.

We are one mind. One being. We are Conexus. That is all that is necessary. Soon you too will become Conexus and know the power of the collective mind. Then you shall know all that we know and the Conexus will know you.” (Loc. 306-308)

Meanwhile, Jack goes on a mission with Commander Sturgis’ nephews, Anna Sturgis and her geeky twin brother Thomas to help their aunt break out of prison and to rescue Alecto from Croft’s hands. Anna and Thomas’ parents belong to a secret organisation called The Makers which has its hidden agenda, very different from ordinary people’s needs. Furthermore, Croft (the head of the organisation) and his men are only interested in the survival of the elite in the impending alien war. However, there are also realities between the Sturgis and the Crofts because Anna’s dad, Robert Sturgis, questions some of Croft’s plans; therefore he might be in great danger and Anna knows many of the Makers’ secrets as well because she has been spying on her father, so she could expose all of them before they continue taking more innocent lives.

“The only difference was that Croft’s men wore the Makers’ symbol embroidered on their chests, a gold emblem of two snakes eating each other’s tails set against a pyramid background.” (Loc. 148-149)

This book is my favourite one of the trilogy because it was very dynamic, visual, it had a lot of twists and turns and if you ask me, I felt that I read a great combination of sci-fi, thriller, dystopian and horror with young adult characters. This novel was very intense, bloody, gory, even scary at times, but well-written with characters who fight for their and their friends’ lives or go off the grid to stop an obscure organisation from killing innocent people for their own benefits. Though I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, I really appreciate what Ms Wright wrote this tense yet plausible story.

[ Conclusion]:

In the end, I highly recommend this book and the entire trilogy to anyone who enjoys reading young adult sci-fi novels.

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